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We are able to offer you competitive prices via pooling effect and are able to deliver large and small volumes.
EEP offers 24/7 trading and shipping services on the European high-pressure gas market.


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Your needs

  • A professional partner that reacts quickly and is always available;
  • Making profitable deals on the energy market;
  • Balance your portfolio to avoid short term imbalances and costs.

What we do

  • We remain at your disposal 24/7, for both small and large volumes of energy;
  • We offer continuous support as an intermediary to connect all parties.

What's in it for you

  • You can be sure that we are at your disposal, whenever needed, to help you with trading and balancing your volumes;
  • We flexibly deliver all volumes.

Focus on the high-pressure gas market

Latest news

EEP expands its activities in the UK

We are proud to announce that EEP is now growing in the UK. In fact, we have duly applied for a shipping licence which has been accepted by the National Regulatory Authority, Ofgem. As a consequence, we will be able

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EEP holds licenses and is active on:

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